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Even the best piece of software does not always do what we want it to do. We will gladly help you with any problem you have with BoxBrain.


Live Support with TeamViewer

It is always easiest to help when sitting next to each other. Thanks to TeamViewer this is even possible if we are hundreds of miles apart.

  1. Download the TeamViewer client.
  2. If you are using InternetExplorer, you are going to be asked whether you want to Run or Save TeamViewerQS_en.exe – select Run.
  3. In case you selected Save (if you are using Internet Explorer), or if you are using another browser, the TeamViewer software is going to be saved to your Downloads folder. To start TeamViewer simply double click on the file TeamViewerQS_en.exe in FileExplorer.

You can find out more about TeamViewer by visiting: