Standard Modules






Contacts is BoxBrain’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management). However, Contacts is a lot more than that: think of it as a information hub from where you easily get to any piece of information related to a customer, no matter what module the information belongs to.

This makes Contacts and outstandingly well-suited instrument for your sales people – once a lead turns into a customer, all relevant information will already be available.


Persons and Organizations

BoxBrain organizes contacts in "organizations" and "persons". An organization can be related to several persons and a person can belong to several organizations. The role of a person within an organisation is also tracked and made visible.


A "Lead" is simply a contact of type 'person'. BoxBrain marks "Leads" using a special Tag, so that Leads can be extracted easily from the entire collection of managed contacts.


An opportunity is saved on a contact and contains basic information like "description", "value", "probability" etc. By creating a corresponding report, BoxBrain allows to overview all opportunities registered in the CRM.


Tags are labels assigned to contacts. They are used to create contact groups and to enable advanced filtering operations; for instance the inclusion or exclusion from search results.


BoxBrain comes with a feature complete Accounting module. Its double entry bookkeeping follows industry standards – the way you interact with it not so much. We completely rethought how a user should be able to complete accounting tasks, making our Accounting module one of the most efficient and intuitive available on the market.

Secondary ledgers are integrated in the general ledger, making cross-ledger booking a thing of the past.

BoxBrain also lets you add a tag to every book entry, making it easy to calculate sums of any thinkable combination of items.


The Trades modules lets you easily manage inquiries, offers, receipts, invoices, and just about any other piece of information relevant to your daily business. The good news: all this information is presented to you in a clearly arranged manner – empowering you to see at a glance what happened during the lifetime of a trade.

Trades support any business process you can think of, no matter if your business is producing items, trading stuff, or selling services.

Before we forget to mention it: customer balance control and dunning are integral parts of this module


Products lets you manage your catalog of goods and services you offer in a convenient manner. Integrating products from your catalog into trade documents is snap.

The Products module also serves as your warehouse management tool … enabling you to quickly answer any inquiry about availability of your products.


The Projects module lets you easily define and plan any type of project – as rough or as detailed as you like. Thanks to its tree-shaped structure, calculation of any number of levels and combinations becomes a breeze.


BoxBrain’s Time module is an innovative and fresh take on time tracking. Time spent can be booked as part of a project or as part of administrative tasks, making post-calculation headaches a thing of the past.

Moreover, the Time module seamlessly integrates with the modules Projects and Payroll, making life even easier for you.


Payroll is BoxBrain’s payroll accounting module. Creating pay slips has never been so easy – BoxBrain employs a sophisticated strategy to achieve this. A unique combination of Excel-Templates and process automation lets you easily set up just about any configuration – painless, simple, and efficient.


No matter what line of business you are in, you need tools to create the product you sell. Whether your tools are machines or parts of machines, you need a way to efficiently manage them. BoxBrain lets you keep track of them in a flexible manner and share information about them with your team members in a simple way. When was a machine last revised? Which parts where exchanged, and when? What project was a machine used for? The Tools module answers these and any other question quickly and in clear and concise manner.


The Users module lets you manage the members of your team, assign roles and define access rights. Easily link user profiles with Windows profiles (local or Active Directory), so your team members can use BoxBrain without having to log in again.


Custom Modules

BoxBrain was built to serve you - not matter what line of business you are in. The standard modules cover most aspects of your daily tasks, and if you have business-specific needs we can quickly implement additional functionality and deliver it as Plug-Ins. And since Plug-Ins are tightly coupled with BoxBrain’s core, they look and feel just like the standard modules.

Also, BoxBrain Standard and Plug-Ins do not affect each other – resulting in BoxBrain being extremely robust and easy to update. Standard Modules can be upgraded painlessly without affecting the functionality of Plug-Ins, and vice versa.