Modern Business Software for Small Businesses


BoxBrain is not only feature-complete, it also sports an outstandingly innovative and intuitive user interface.


Chat UX

BoxBrain’s Chat User Experience (UX) is like nothing you have ever seen in any business software. Instead of finding your way through a jungle menu items, you interact with BoxBrain as if it was your personal assistant. Simply enter a command or question in the chat interface, and BoxBrain will recognize the task at hand. If the system needs additional information, it will enter into a question and answer dialog with you, effectively leading you through the process of gathering information.


All Inclusive

BoxBrain comes with batteries included, containing all the tools needed to help you complete your daily tasks.

Moreover, all elements are tightly coupled with each other – contacts, trades, products, projects, accounting, etc. are no longer islands of information, but part of a encompassing whole. This does not only make your job a lot easier, but also guarantees a zero-friction exchange of information between your team members, eliminates redundancy, and eradicates the need for data interfaces.

Everything becomes a lot easier.

MS Office and Windows Integration

BoxBrain saves all reports as Excel files and all documents as Word documents. BoxBrain automatically makes use of your local or virtual network, taking into account the access rights of the currently active user.

User can thus easily revise reports and documents – and while direct access to them is made possible that way, BoxBrain serves as a document management tool, making it easy to find documents and convert them back to their data-context.